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Lucia Day

Happy Lucia's Day
especially to dunderklumpen

What it's all about that day you can read on
german and english wiki

Golden Sunset

Just wanne wish all on my flist a nice sunday evening and a good start in the next week!

Took this picture while it was still raining (like the whole day) on the balcony! Amazing colours!

Spring 2012

Hey folk!

IT'S SPRING!!! Or at least it was spring for a few days in my area... we had about 20°C three days in a row and bright sunshine.
Last week i went to work with my skates and saw a beautiful photosubject... unfortunately i had neither time to stop and take pictures with my mobile nor my camera with me. So i decided to do a phototour again (haven't done it for some time) the next day, cause the weather was still amazing - a bit like summer already...

Now it took me one more week to share the results here with you... Well, i'm back at college this week now, with only two subjects each week, mondays and wednesdays... my last two subjects before i write my disertation next semester (in winter) - Time where have you gone??? I'm already studying social work for 3 years now... the time was running so fast!

Anyway! Here are the pictures now! And please leave comments! If you wanne use any picture for header, banner, icons... feel free but tell me and credit me - THANK YOU!

Pictures!Collapse )

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!
Have a nice evening! And happy Easter!

writers block

I think it's "Bambi" because it's the first Disney Movie i really remember! We collected the Videotapes of the most Disney Movies. When i was younger, my fav was "Cap & Capper" don't know why, but i loved that movie.

Well on the other hand i have to say, i'm busy in real life, so i'm not here t write anything. But i read some stuff and maybe commenting! So now you think i'm still alive!
What is your favorite Disney movie?


LJ is making me angry! This post will be deleted soon!


These news are amazing! I confess, i've read all books, even just in german, but i grew up with it! I was ten, when the first book was published and now i become 23 (on tuesday). J.K. Rowling now announced a website for Potter-Fans.

So now check it out, and become a part of it.

Botanic Garden ! PICSPAM ! part2

You remember that big picspam? Well this one is the 'to be continued'. The rules are the same: leave comments, credit me when using them

so last time we were in the palm house on the botanic garden... we're still there:

heavy picspam 2 Collapse )

I hope you enjoyed my pictures... and don't forget to leave comments!

Botanic Garden ! PICSPAM !

Yesterday i went to the local botanic garden and took 305 pictures in nearly 5 hours. *blush* Not all of them were as good as some of them but still a lot of them are good enough to share them  - some are amazing from my pov! I choose 114 pictures for you, two of them are panoramas. But take a look by yourself and please leave comments thank you!

You wanne download the complete album? Sure: album

Some rules: I haven't watermarked them because it would destroy some of the pictures. So please, STAY FAIR! You are allowed to use them for icons, header or something else, but PLEASE credit ME (aussi1988 ) and leave a comment, that you're going to use them! Thank you!

Let's start from the beginning:

heavy picspam - enjoy itCollapse )

okay halftime i think i'm going to open a second post because i fear this post i already too large but if you click here you can get right there.

Header and Icons of Colin Morgan

Espacially for my dear rewatch girls!!! This is made to bother you and kill you because i'm soooo evil^^ *hug you both* But i have to admit, that he is really hot on these pictures! I like the based picture of Set #2... gosh! I hope you like them! It was fun again made them...
Oh and the header are in a size of 800x350 px while the icons are 100x100 ... made for the LJ standard.

Colin Morgan - BEWARE!Collapse )
(c) for the used pictures is: Alassandro Vesapolli for THAT MAGAZINE


If you use anything of it:
~ please credit
~ don't claim them as yours
~ don't alter them with out permission and than you also need to redit me for the base!
~ leave a comment


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